About Dave Donelson

Dave Donelson
I experienced weird golf for the first time as a 12-year-old caddie at a ragged muni just three blocks from my home in Missouri. Like all golfers, I revel in the game and curse it, celebrate the small victory of an all-too-infrequent perfect shot and rage against the golf gods who often flick a birdie putt off-line just inches from the hole. As executive editor of Westchester Magazine Golf, I review courses, equipment, and golf destinations, write about golfers at all levels of the game, and keep an eye out for the stranger things that happen on the golf course.


I’m a freelance writer and photographer who regularly works for about three dozen magazines and newspapers covering a diverse range of topics. I have the most fun, though, when I write about golf. Sometimes, I even have fun when I PLAY golf.

I’m a member of the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association, which serves the game by honoring outstanding champions and contributors, promoting golf journalism, and raising money for metropolitan (New York) area golf programs.

I’m also the author of eight books (so far), including Heart of Diamonds, a novel of scandal, love, and death in the Congo, and The Dynamic Manager’s Guide series of books to make good managers better.

My career as a broadcaster, entrepreneur, and writer has taken me from the jungles of Australia’s Cape York Peninsula to the minarets of Riyadh. I’ve climbed the spire of the Empire State Building, floated the Usumacinta River to the Mayan ruins at Piedras Negras in Guatemala, and photographed the tree-climbing lions and mountain gorillas of Uganda, but those adventures were no more thrilling than my chip-in eagle on the second hole at Pebble Beach.

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